FEBRUARY 23 - March 1

1. Ash Wednesday: Ash Wednesday on February 26th, 2020. It is the day of universal fast and abstinence. Masses will be at 9:30 am (English) and at 7:00 pm (Vietnamese).

2. Stations of the Cross: Each Friday through the Lenten season, we will have Stations of the Cross at 7:00 PM. in Vietnamese and/or English.

3. Lenten Message 2020 of Pope Francis: Lenten message 2019 of the Holy Father Francis is at the back of church. please take home to read for reflection.

4. Rice Bowls: This Lenten season, don’t forget Pick one up on the back and side door of the church and keep filling containers with cash for our brothers & sisters around the world in need of food and water.

5. Lenten Retreat 2020: On Saturday & Sunday March 14th & 15th, 2020, our parish will sponsor a Lenten Retreat for both Anglos & Vietnamese. The schedule was posted on our doors.

6. Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in USA: Youth Movement at St. Peter VCC: We would like to send greetings to our dearest parishioners in the Parish. Our Eucharistic Youth movement is organizing a fundraising activity for Eucharistic Youth Leader by selling raffle tickets. This fundraising program, in addition to giving the organizing committee (VEYM) more funding to organize, also helps local Youth Movement have more conditions to support the Leaders to advance to the Conference on Promised Land VII. Each Chapter will benefit at least 50% of the income from the total tickets they sell, as well as 50% of the support money from sponsors found by our parish chapter. May the love and blessing of the Eucharistic Jesus be with you always.