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ADA 2016:

posted Apr 1, 2016, 12:04 PM by St. Peter   [ updated Apr 8, 2016, 9:10 AM ]

     Please read the letter insert in bulletin. 

April 1, 2016

Dear Parishioners;


   This week we are starting our 2016 Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA).  Our goal this year is $32,800.00.  Being a Catholic comes with the responsibility to fund our Diocese and Tithe to The Church of St. Peter V.C.C.

I would like to explain what your donation to the ADA supports.

1. It makes it possible to have a good insurance program by having the priests of the diocese in one plan.

2. It provides priests retirement for Fr. Ly, Fr. Bob, and other priests who have given part of their priesthood to St. Peter’s church. It helps pay expenses of seminarians studying for the priesthood.

3. It is a way to share in the expenses of the bishop and his staff to serve people of the entire diocese of 80 parishes.

4. It supports Catholic Charities who help people with food, clothing, shelter, medicine and many other necessities of life.  It also provides counseling for people of all ages. It works in family life, in marriage preparation and married people dealing with marriage problems.

5. It would take a long list to include all of the other works and ministries of the Diocese.

    Let us not forget just 8 short years ago we did not have a church, and Bishop Pates gave all of us a wonderful place to worship every Sunday. Just look around our campus, see all the miracles that have happened, with your help.

6.In 2015 we not only achieved our goal we surpassed our goal, St. Peters was the # 1 parish in the Diocese for increase over our goal. This year we have a 2% increase in our goal for a total of $32,800.

7. This week Kelly and myself will be calling to make appointments to talk with you about your donation. St Peters is asking you to give the same amount last year with a 2% increase.


Sunday April 10th we will be handing out pledge cards for your donation, St Peters is counting on you.


 God Bless You


Finance President

Jeff Witte